Three Pest Issues You Might Encounter In An Unoccupied Historic Home

If you've recently fallen in love with a vintage home and plan to renovate it as a primary residence for you and your family, you're certainly not alone -- the historic house bug has bitten many Americans in recent years. However, many historic properties have been neglected for a number of years and will need a substantial amount of before they'll be a suitable place to live. Fortunately, many people are up to the challenge because they know that these places make fabulous homes once the work is completed. 

Many people who are about to embark on an adventure with renovating a historic home are busy picking out wallpaper, paint, and furniture, as well as planning the garden. However, the first thing that you should do after signing on the dotted line for that vintage home you've been dreaming of is to contact a professional pest control service. Historic homes that haven't been lived in for awhile are likely to be playing host to multiple pest populations.

Following are just three of the many types of pests that are likely to have set up shop in your historic home. 

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are naturally attracted to unoccupied properties because they provide a place where they can shelter without human interference. They make their nests in insulation, and they often gnaw on electrical wires, causing potential fire danger. Getting rid of this vermin can be a huge undertaking, especially if the populations have existed for generations. Over the counter rat and mice control will barely make a dent. Because rodent droppings can contain the often-fatal hanta virus, it's best to count on the services of trained professionals to remove the rodents as well as all traces of them. 

After rodent populations have been completely removed from the home, it's essential that you plug up an holes that may provide entry points for a new infestation of rodents. Mice can squeeze through openings as small as a dime, so it's important to be vigilant and err on the side of caution by plugging up even the smallest of holes. 


Although many people believe that cockroaches won't hang around a home that's unoccupied by humans because of a lack of available food sources, cockroaches are opportunistic insects that can survive on a wide variety of diets. They are frequently found living in the same places as rodents because they feed on rodent feces as well as on their dead bodies and their own shed skin casings. They can eat decaying wood, which makes vintage homes attractive to them. They may also dine on vegetation around the outside of the home.

Cockroaches potentially carry diseases such as cholera, typhoid, salmonella, and dysentery. Infestations can be so large in unoccupied properties that getting rid of them is a job for a professional. In a well-established colony, it may take several treatments to eliminate cockroaches completely. 

Asian Beetles

Another insidious pest that may be found in your historic home is the Asian beetle. These insects are closely related to the common ladybug, which is highly prized by gardeners because they feed on harmful insects. However, a certain species accesses homes and other structures and can create quite a bit of damage. For instance, they emit a yellow fluid that stains surfaces as well as produce a very unpleasant odor that can be very difficult to remove. Asian beetle infestations typically occur in autumn when the insects begin to seek shelter from chilly evenings.

Your local pest control service can provide you with more information on getting your historic home free of pests and ready for that wallpaper and paint you're dreaming of. Find out more here.

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