Did Your Free Couch Come With A Few Surprises? 3 Ways To Address A Sudden Cockroach Infestation

When you saw the couch out on the curb, you got excited about finally having a cool new piece of furniture. Unfortunately, you got more than you bargained for now that you have noticed a steady stream of unsightly visitors that seem to be rapidly multiplying. While dealing with a cockroach problem may make you feel like your house isn't clean, the truth is that pest infestations can easily begin when insects hitch a ride on used items such as couches and electronics. Use these tips to address your surprise roach problem so that you can get back to enjoying a pest-free living space:

Eliminate Food and Water Sources

Cockroaches prefer to live in environments that provide them with easy access to food and water. If you suspect that the couch brought the bugs to your house, then start by cleaning beneath the cushions thoroughly to ensure that there is no food residue. Then, continue cleaning throughout the rest of the house to make sure that cockroaches aren't able to find bits of food in the pantry. Finally, make sure that there are not any plumbing leaks that create the warm, moist environment that allows cockroaches to thrive.

Clean Up Any Clutter

Pest infestations can go unnoticed until they reach epic proportions if there are lots of hiding places around your house. Cockroaches will hide beneath papers and in piles of clothing so remove these potential hiding places so that the roaches may be tempted to go elsewhere. A clutter-free environment also makes it easier to check for signs of pest activity so that you can identify where the majority of cockroaches are living.

Arrange for a Professional Treatment

You may find tons of roach baits and traps in the store, but these are sometimes not enough to get rid of a serious infestation. Once you know you have a pest problem, it is better to arrange for pest control services from a technician that knows how to get rid of roaches the first time. During their visit, you can also learn more about how to avoid bringing pests into your house again.

Salvaging old furniture is an excellent way to decorate your house without wasting precious resources. Yet, you should always be aware of what you might accidentally be carrying into your house. Although a cockroach problem is never fun to deal with, you can take back control over your house by knowing how to handle an infestation.

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