Rodent Control Tips For Homeowners

Rodent problems can be issues that can create major problems for any home. While rodents are an issue that many homeowners will find themselves needing to address, a lack of awareness and experience with addressing this particular type of pest problem can lead to mistakes that may greatly compromise the overall effectiveness of your rodent control steps.

Check Your House For Sources Of Food, Water, And Nesting Activity

One of the most important and effective steps that you should take once you realize that your house has a rodent problem is to identify any potential sources of food that could be attracting these pests. This will mean both ensuring that there is no open food left in your home and periodically checking your cabinets and pantry to ensure that the rodents have not opened some food. Lastly, the area around the trash bins can be another major source of food for rodents, and while it may seem like it will be impossible to prevent rodents from targeting the trash, you may find that ensuring the trash is thoroughly secured will help to prevent this.

Avoid Using Poison To Eliminate The Rats

When you first realize that a rodent problem is developing, you may be tempted to purchase rodent poison to address this issue. However, the use of poison can be one of the least effective and most problematic ways of combating a rodent issue. When you use poison to neutralize mice and rats, there will be no way for you to prevent them from dying between the walls, under the floors or in other areas of the house that will be extremely difficult to reach, and this can prevent you from being able to remove the dead mice. Live and lethal traps may both be more effective and less problematic solutions than the use of poisons.

Have The Property Regularly Inspected For Rodents

After you have neutralized your current mouse problem, you will likely want to take aggressive steps to help prevent this problem from returning in the future. Unfortunately, homeowners will frequently fail to regularly inspect their property for signs of rodent problems. This can allow the issue to return to the property, but the homeowner may be unaware until the rodent issue has become severe. By checking the basement and attic, around the trash bins and the pantry, you may be able to identify rodent droppings, scratch marks or holes, and being aware of these issues may allow you to address the rodent issue before the problem can worsen.

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