Are You Opening A Daycare Center? 3 Strategies To Keep It Pest-Free

As a daycare owner, you know that parents who tour your facility are looking for a program that takes pride in their standards of cleanliness and safety. Unfortunately, the frequent in and out traffic experienced in daycares combined with the serving of food can make this one type of business that tends to attract pests. Since even a single cockroach running through your facility is unacceptable, you should use these strategies to keep your daycare business pest-free.

Train the Staff on Proper Sanitation

Pests in a daycare often arrive in search of food that is made available. Train your staff to clean up spills right away, and arrange a cleaning schedule for any areas where the children routinely eat. Your kitchen staff should also be trained regarding proper food storage and disposal practices. For example, they should always keep food stored in containers with airtight lids. If they do sight evidence of a rodent or insect infestation, make sure they know whom to contact the facility to arrange for commercial pest extermination services.

Keep the Building Maintained

Pests must be able to find a way into your building to create an infestation. For this reason, you can prevent many problems by having the building inspected regularly for areas that need repair. For instance, a large crack beneath a door could be big enough to allow rats to get inside, or there could be a missing vent cover on the rooftop or around the chimney that allows wild animals to infest the attic. Once the repairs are made, consider adding additional features such as self-closing doors to further reduce potential entry points for pests.

Arrange for Regular Treatments

Business pest extermination services are offered according to different schedules, and you will need to work with a pest technician to find the right time schedule for your daycare. You should also make sure that the pest control service that you choose understands the importance of ensuring the safety of the children in your care. For instance, they may recommend a specific type of treatment to protect children in the facility with allergies.

Once you open the doors to your daycare, your biggest priority becomes keeping the children safe, and pests in the building can place the children's health at risk. By making a pest control plan and implementing it from the day your business opens, you can look forward to showing off your facility with pride.

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