Tips For Combating Winter Pest Problems

When you live in an area that experiences cold and snow in the winter, it's common to think that you can skip your pest control services all winter. You might think that the cold weather will kill all the bugs, leaving you without concern of an infestation. The fact is, you can still experience pest control problems in the winter, so you should keep up with your routine treatments. Here's a look at what you need to know about pest infestations and the winter season.

Winter Doesn't Kill Indoor Pests

Any insects or other pests that have already nested and settled inside your home are not going to be affected by the falling temperatures and snow outside. Granted, the cooler and drier air conditions may actually slow some of the rates of reproduction, but that doesn't mean that they'll go away.

The same holds true for pests you can't see, including carpenter ants, beetles, and other wood-boring pests. The cooler temperatures may cause them to slow their eating, but it won't lead to them dying off like it will for outside pests.

Your Indoor Pest Population May Actually Increase

As the temperatures drop outside, many outdoor pests will actually look for ways to get inside. That means they're going to be looking for cracks, crevices, and holes to get into your home. Because they're seeking a way to get away from the cold, you may actually notice an increase in the indoor pest population in your house.

There are many pests that will do this, including mice, beetles, stink bugs, bats, and squirrels. Some of them may rest dormant in the winter even though they are in your house while others could prove to be a real nuisance. For those that are dormant in the winter, failure to address them now may lead to seeing a whole lot more bugs and pests when the spring thaw hits.

You Can Manage Your Pest Population

The good news is that you can actually deal with your pest population with ease. When you work with a local pest control contractor, he or she can treat your home periodically throughout the winter to combat any potential infestations and prevent the winter pest increase that your home might otherwise experience. The more proactive you are about preventative treatments, the less risk you'll have. With barrier products to keep outside pests from coming in and pesticides inside to eliminate what's already there, you'll be on your way to a pest-free winter.

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