Four Mistakes Homeowners Often Make When Treating For Bed Bugs

There is a common myth that you cannot get rid of a bed bug infestation yourself; you have to call a professional. This may be true in many cases. A large, established infestation, for example, is a lot easier for a professional to clear. However, there are definitely situations in which homeowners can get rid of bed bugs themselves. This is particularly true if you catch the infestation early when there are only a few bugs. To ensure your efforts are effective, there are a few mistakes to avoid along the way.

Mistake #1: Only treating the bed.

Your bed may be the only place where you're getting bitten by bed bugs, but it's almost certainly not the only place they are hiding. They are probably also in the carpet, and in any other plush furniture near the bed. If you only treat the bed, you may think you cleared the infestation for a few days -- only for it to come back once the bugs find their way back to your bed.

Mistake #2: Relying on "all natural" cures.

There is only one natural remedy worth it's cloud when it comes to bed bugs, and that is diatomaceous earth. Any other cures -- like cinnamon or baking soda -- do not work quickly enough or effectively enough to fight these persistent bugs. Don't mess around. Buy an insecticide treatment that is specifically labeled for use against bed bugs.

Mistake #3: Thinking you will starve them out.

Some people move out of their homes for a few weeks or sleep in a different bed, figuring that they will starve out the bed bugs. But unfortunately, the eggs can survive for months, and so can the adult bed bugs, so you will give up before they do.

Mistake #4: Failure to treat small items.

Items like your clothing, pillow covers, and sheets also need to be treated for bed bugs because they may contain eggs -- even if you do not see any adult bugs on them. Thankfully, treating these items is easy. Wash them in hot water, and then tumble them dry on the highest heat possible. Bed bugs cannot survive 120 degrees F, and your dryer should get hotter than that.

If you avoid the mistakes above, you increase your chances of a successful bed bug extermination. If you are still seeing bugs after the treatment, contact a professional, such as at Exterminating Unlimited Inc.

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