Tips For Controlling Bugs And Rodents In Your Bar

Commercial operations of all types are in a constant battle against bugs. When you own a bar, the fight can be even worse due to the large amount of people in a small space drinking and eating food. The sight of bugs or rodents in your establishment could do your reputation a lot of harm, so being proactive against the pests with the services of an exterminator is the best solution for protecting your business. Here are some important commercial pest control tips for bars.

Install Insect Light Traps Near Service Doors

Flies can be a problem around kitchen service doors, and since they're drawn in from the outside, it's difficult to control them with pesticides. Installing traps could be a good way to prevent a fly infestation. Light traps work because they lure flies to the light with the use of attractants. Once the flies enter the light grid, they are either killed or trapped so they're stopped from entering your restaurant. The light helps draw the flies away from the door so your employees can take trash out without having flies rush in when the door is open.

Spray Pesticides Inside

A commercial pest control company will help you develop a plan for treating your building for roaches and other bugs. This could involve monthly treatments in a high-traffic establishment. The pesticides can be sprayed in restrooms and the bar area to kill roaches that come in contact with it so bugs that find their way inside the building are killed. Treating storerooms is important too since roaches and spiders can be brought in the building inside boxes of supplies and food.

Plug Holes In The Building

Rodents are drawn to establishments that serve food due to the enticing odors, even odors from the dumpster nearby. The exterminator can place traps outside for rodents, but it's also important to use exclusion techniques so the rodents can't find a way to get in the building. This involves a thorough examination of the perimeter of the building so holes can be plugged with caulk or covered with metal screens. The building should be checked periodically since rats can chew their way inside and create new entry holes when they're determined.

Use Termite Baits

While you want to keep roaches and rodents away for the sake of your customers and to keep your bar sanitary, you also want to protect your investment in the building by preventing termites. One way to do that is to have bait stations installed so the exterminator can monitor for the presence of termites and then treat them if necessary. If your building is surrounded by concrete, the exterminator can drill holes into the concrete for placing the bait.

A good pest control plan ensures your customers won't encounter rats and bugs in your building and that you'll pass health inspections. Preventing pest problems can be a lot of work, but a commercial pest control company can do what it takes and provide you with all the documentation necessary for inspections. The consequences of a pest problem in a bar are too serious to risk, so controlling the pests before they take over your building is a good thing to do.

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