Don't Let Rodents Come In

The best way for you to make sure you don't end up with mice taking over your house is to no everything in your power to prevent any mice from coming into your home and feeling comfortable enough to hang around. Here are ways to prevent a rodent infestation and what to do if you find signs of a rodent in your house.

Keep the yard clean

Most people know the importance of keeping a clean home. Not only is this one of the ways to go about preventing certain bugs from infesting the house, but it is also important to prevent rodents from being drawn into the house. However, keeping a clean yard is just as important to preventing pests from infesting your home, if not more important.

When you have kitchen trash left outside for too long, rodents will come from all around the area to eat what they can from that trash. They will also use things out of the trash to make nests. Also, piles of wood and other debris can provide pests with supplies for their nests, and even offer them a great location to build their nests where they will feel hidden inside the pile.

Once you create a nice outside area for rodents, they will try to come inside to forage for more food and to get water. Therefore, a clean yard can mean a rodent-free home as well. This is also why you want to keep bushes and other foliage trimmed back and remove the underbrush on a regular basis.

Seal up the house

Start the process of sealing up the house by turning off all the lights in the house during the day and looking for any cracks or holes that let even a small amount of light through. Seal these areas up well. Then, look along all of the door, window, electrical, and plumbing areas and seal up any gaps, small cracks, spaces, or holes. Be sure your thresholds aren't old, or rodents can squish in right through the bottom of the doors.

Act fast when proof of rodents are present

If you find rodent excrement, chewed packages, nests, or any other proof that a rodent may have found its way inside, call for a pest control company to come right out. You can try to take care of things on your own, but going with professional rodent control services will ensure that the rodents will be eradicated. You will also want to sign up with regular services to prevent any from trying to return in the future.

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